Reimagined. Redefined. Rearmed.

Rearmed is a DayZ server focused on unlocking the game's full modding potential. Our mission is to continuously innovate and enhance the DayZ gaming experience for our community. Join us in pushing the boundaries of DayZ modding and creating the best possible gaming experience!

Server Features

Balanced Economy

Meticulously balanced in-game economy for enhanced player experience.

Intense PvP Events

Thrilling PvP Events, such as crate hacking, airdrops and helicopter crashes.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life improvements, such as depth of field removal and single-use repairs.


Custom implemented systems such as dynamic keycards and lock systems.


Customized land vehicles, boats and helicopters to suit all of your needs!


Beautifully edited maps with unique and immersive locations to explore.

The Keycard mod on our server has been expertly crafted to maintain a thriving and equitable economy.

Not only does it feature doors and loot that replenish dynamically, but it also boasts the most innovative method of spawning weapons, ensuring that each weapon is loaded and ready for action against your opponents..